The Fall of the Asante Empire: The Hundred-Year War For Africa



A translation of many of the forbidden books of the Bible banned by the Council of Nicene, including the Gospels of the Infancy of Jesus, translated and published by William Wake, Archbishop of Canterbury 1716-1737. Less than a century before, William Tyndale had been executed by the church for daring to translate the Bible into English. Wake believed that many, if not most, of these passages were historically accurate, even those showing the young Jesus in a less than sympathetic light. Some of the information contained herein may have been used as source material by proponents of the Da Vinci Code and other Templar-based legends. Well formatted and reset from earlier versions, with notes and references from the translator, this book is easy to read and makes a great addition to any library of the historical and non-canonical works of Christianity. From The Forbidden Books of the New Testament: The suppressed gospels and epistles of the original New Testament of Jesus the Christ and other portions of the ancient holy scriptures. Now extant, attributed to His apostles, and their disciples, and venerated by the primitive Christian churches during the first four centuries, but since, after violent disputations forbidden by the bishops of the Nicene Council, in the reign of the Emperor Constantine and omitted from the Catholics and Protestant editions of the New Testament, by its compilers translated from the original tongues, with historical references to their authenticity, by Archbishop Wake and other learned divines.

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