The Bible of Bibles



This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER IV. THE BEAUTIES AND BENEFITS OF BIBLES. There is displayed in all Bibles a devout recognition of moral principles, and a strong manifestation of moral feeling. The disciples of all Bibles manifest an ardent aspiration for something higher, something nobler, — a mental struggle to reach a higher plane. This moral aspiration is displayed in almost every chapter; and there are in all Bibles veins of beautiful thought coursing through their pages. All of them contain moral precepts which are in their nature elevating and ennobling, and which, if practically recognized, would have done much to improve the morals and enhance the happiness of their disciples ; and all Bibles are valuable as fragments of religious history, and as indicating the state of religion and morals of the people who originated them. Their numerous outbursts of religious feeling indicate the depth of their devotion; while their many noble moral aphorisms indicate an appreciation of, and a desire for, a higher moral life than they were able to practice because of the strength of their animal feelings. This is especially true of the Jews, and also of the early Christians. They had a partial perception of a true moral life, and a desire at times to practice it; but that desire was counteracted and held in check by their still stronger animal natures and animal lropensities. A Highkr Plane Of Development Has Been Attained. There can be no question, from the light derived from the twofold avenues of science and histoty, but that the great principle of universal progress, which is carrying every thing forward to a higher plane and state of perfection, has elevated themost advanced nations of the present age beyond and above the religion and morals prevalent in the world when the Jewish and Christian …

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