The Perfect Orange



A Tale from Ethiopia. In this inspiring and gentle folktale set in ancient Ethiopia, a generous young girl, Tshai [tsuh-HIGH], travels far from her village to take an extraordinary gift the Ethiopia’s ruler, the great Nigus [NI-goose]. On the way, Tshai meets a greedy scoundrel, Ato Jib, who deviously plots to increase his riches. However, the great Nigus is wise: Ato Jib is foiled; and Tshai is rewarded liberally. Tshai returns to her village and, true to her nature, joyously shares her unexpected fortune with her neighbors. Includes glossry of Ethiopian terms. Beautifully detailed watercolor illustrations by internationally acclaimed artist Xiao Jun Li capture the essence of ancient Ethiopia. The Perfect Orange is based on a folktale Frank Araujo heard while working in Ethiopia. Toucan Tales, Volume 2.

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