How to Take Back Our Government and Our Nation from Corrupt Politicians



Many people the world over are vexed at the alleged blatant and unbridled corrupt practices engaged in by Politicians and other public officials in their respective governments. Many are lamenting over these corrupt practices with mixed feelings of hopelessness and exasperation.
We silently ask ourselves the question:
What can we do to stem this tide of corruption and brokenness in our governments and restore good governance to our country, our nation or our state? This book addresses this question by:
1. Explaining that the problem lies with the electorate not having consistent, simple, clear but relevant criteria by which to assess those offering themselves for public office
2. Recommending and explaining four biblically based criteria by which any electorate can assess the suitability of candidates or team of candidates vying for public office so as to make better choices in the selection of candidates
3. Providing a simple evaluation tool, based on these four criteria, that can be used to objectively assess candidates suitability for holding public office
4. Using this evaluation tool to acquire foreknowledge about the performance of politicians and their government while in office
5. Explaining how we can bring change to our nations through:
a. The prayer of faith
b. Speaking blessings over our nations or states
6. Revealing how high ranking and other public officials can become men full of integrity and acquire the courage to resist corrupt practices

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