Confidence is Key Album




The album is a journey about how one starts out to carry the burden or cause of one’s people and that is signified by the first track “I Take My Vow”.

Once the knowledge of the missing link reaches you, your eyes become open, hence the second track Eyes Open”.

Ultimately, all humanity, no matter what part of the planet they are seek for peace and as I travel through my daily life, I’ve come to know that some people’s intentions are not aligning even though they say they are (e.g. the churches, government and various sects) hence my third track which is “Peace On Earth”.

In knowing all these stuff, one comes to a point in their life where belief is not needed anymore because belief doesn’t make change, we need to know and question ‘what do we know?’ so that was my fourth track on the album “I Know”.

After grounding on the knowledge, we then need to take action and stop being “Careless” (5th track) leaving it to someone else and learn that it won’t stop until we take action. 

However, because our plight is a global one and all people of Kush around the globe are experiencing this great injustice and inhumane acts, our solution to all this already given to us by the Honorable Garvey Trinity is we need organize and act on one accord to overcome any situation and organization means unity, hence “United We Stand” 6th Track.