Bre’e Anancy and the Magic Pot



Jamaican Folk Stories are exemplified through the “keen and cunny Ashanti (West African) Spider God Anancy, but many Jamaicans know and love him as the trickify little spider man who speaks with a lisp and live by his wits, who is both comic and sinister, the hero and villain of Jamaican folk stories.”-The Hon Louise Bennett-Coverly. OJ“Bre’r Anancy and the Magic Pot” is another one of those witty tales that shows us that our human weakness and deceit can destroy us, because of our greed and stupidity, or by putting our trust and confidence in the wrong people and things. This scenario is ever so argued and according to Ms. Lou, “Anancy shows in his stories the survival tactics employed by the weak in society in order to combat the strong.” While for many more, “Anancy is just a lazy, lying, deceitful and envious, down-right wicked, good-for-nothing creature; nevertheless everyone agrees he is a loveable rascal.”

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