An Afrocentric Guide to a Spiritual Union



So begins Norma Charles’ funny and wise novel for kids-especially boys-aged 10 to 13. The newly “blended” family is crammed into an old station wagon heading south for a month’s trip from Vancouver to Mexico. Each of the four children has different coping strategies: Barney Finkle tells non-stop cow jokes, preparing for a career as a stand-up comedian; Sam Finkle invents his own world with his toy action figures; Minerva is plugged into her CD player, lost behind a barrier of music. And Jacob … Jacob cradles his soccer ball in his lap and dreams about being a star soccer player. But when the family finally reaches Mexico, they stay in a tourist trap with not a single soccer game anywhere … How will Jacob cope? Eventually, the new family manages to not only survive the trip but develop bonds that pull them closer.

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