“Let us return to the balance”

Sankofa is an Afrocentric Bookstore. One of the very few in all of Canada. And its main purpose is to bring forward the missing link, that of the story of the Kush, Nubian, Kemetic, Moorish and Afrikan story. A lot of times in the west, we are told one part of the story, well Sankofa offers the other part of the story to allow for a more complete picture. Sankofa is a Twi word that translates in English to “Go Back and Bring It” which means -One Must Return to the Past in order to move forward … So we have to know where we are coming from and through this journey we shall know balance..

How does Sankofa do this?

1 First of all Sankofa Bookstore has an onsite bookstore located within the OEPT – 430 Rideau Street, that’s at the corner of Rideau and Chapel, and there it offers books for adults and children, as well as lectures and documentaries on CD & DVD.

2 It also offers a mobile bookstore, so it brings the bookstore to people at different events, whether it be festivals, school presentations, church events or even dances at a nightclub, Sankofa is willing to be there and get the knowledge accessible.

3 Sankofa also offers a the platform to bring lectures to the community, whether it be local lecturers, or lecturers from out of town, it is important to have a chance to sit down and meet with the people who are doing a lot of the research these days and fully discuss what is going on

4 Sankofa has also hosted movie nights, at which we watch a movie, usually a lecture or documentary and we discuss about the topic.

5 Knowledge Circle for Book sharing through book rentals and book clubs.