Sankofa Bookstore Recognizes  

Confidence Survival as an orator of our story. Her craft in placing the words and visuals artistically into messages that permanently write our story into memory is nothing but a confirmation of our ancestral connection and DNA activation. After the team at Sankofa reviewed the ‘Confidence Is Key’ Album , we have come to the conclusion that the message from tracks 1 – 6 is something worth sharing with the global village and humanity as a whole. Confidence Survival’s writing style of ‘Situation-Journey-Solution’ has been carefully self contained in each track so you don’t walk away oblivious of what to do. She shows you what it is to know.

The concentration of impactful knowledge make one recognize that the high people, culture, wisdom and connection are all still here with us through the voice and vessel of Confidence Survival Eyong. 

Confidence Survival declares that her style of writing and delivery can not be limited into modern day genres, however, she calls her style of writing Sankofa because it is the embodiment of all people with and before us (Nina Simone, Fela Kuti, Peter Tosh, 2Pac, Vybz Kartel, Umu Obiligbo, etc) speaking with and through her. Sankofa Bookstore recognizes that the term literally is synonymous with oral, and in the culture of the indigenous being Kush, the art of oral tradition is a highly skilled art for preserving valuable cultural historic information that needs to be fed even to the baby, so everyone in the culture can participate & we call it singing.

Sankofa Bookstore welcomes everyone to judge for themselves to see if the ‘Confidence Is Key’ Album lives up to its title. However, from Sankofa Bookstore to the world, one of our pillars or cornerstone of our cultural revitalization is the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey whose famous quote ties in directly with Confidence Survival’s biological name. This is an alignment for us as a people to embrace, share and let it be known that Confidence is here in the flesh.