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The album is a journey about how one starts out to carry the burden or cause of one’s people .

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african holistic health addresses health issues from comprehensive african -centered provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homeopathic disease treatments.

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From the Publisher: Edited and translated by Mercer Cook. Laymen and scholars alike will welcome the publication of this one-volume translation of the major sections of C. A. Diop's two books, Nations negres et culture and Anteriorite des civilizations negres, which have profoundly influenced thinking about Africa around the world.

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This Book Will Change The Way History Is Written About The Western Hemisphere "In The First Americans were Africans Dr. David Imhotep makes a passionate, imaginative and comprehensive case for a radical rewrite of orthodox history.

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Sankofa is an Afrocentric Bookstore. One of the very few in all of Canada. And its main purpose is to bring forward the missing link, that of the story of the Nubian, Kemetic, Moorish and Afrikan story. A lot of times in the west, we are told one part of the story, well Sankofa offers the other part of the story to allow for a more complete picture. Sankofa is a Twi word that translates in English to “Go Back and Bring It” which means -One Must Return to the Past in order to move forward … So we have to know where we are coming from and through this journey we shall know balance..

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Sankofa is an Afrocentric Bookstore. One of the very few in all of Canada. And its main purpose is to bring forward the missing link, that of the story of the Nubian, Kemetic, Moorish and Afrikan story.

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    • Ivan Van Sertima Books Writer

      Van Sertima was born in Kitty Village, near Georgetown, in what was then the colony of British Guiana (present-day Guyana); he retained his British citizenship throughout his life. He completed primary and secondary school in Guyana, and started writing poetry.[6] He attended the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London from 1959. In addition to his creative writing, Van Sertima completed his undergraduate studies in African languages and literature at SOAS in 1969.



    • Maya Angelou Books Writer

      Maya Angelou was born Marguerite Annie Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents divorced when she was only three and she was sent with her brother Bailey to live with their grandmother in the small town of Stamps, Arkansas. In Stamps, the young girl experienced the racial discrimination that was the legally enforced way of life in the American South, but she also absorbed the deep religious faith and old-fashioned courtesy of traditional African American life. She credits her grandmother and her extended family with instilling in her the values that informed her later life and career. She enjoyed a close relationship with her brother. Unable to pronounce her name because of a stutter, Bailey called her “My” for “My sister.” A few years later, when he read a book about the Maya Indians, he began to call her “Maya,” and the name stuck.



    • Cheikh Anta Diop Books Writer

      1. In the spirit of the fact that #EverydayIsBlackHistory we’d like to continue to remember the pioneering work done by the great Cheikh Anta Diop, who was born in Dakar on the 29th of December 1923 and died on the 7th of February 1986. Diop was a historian, anthropologist, physicist, and politician who studied the human race’s origins and pre-colonial African culture. Though Diop is sometimes referred to as anAfrocentrist, he predates the concept and thus was not himself an Afrocentric scholar. However, “Diopian thought”, as it is called, is paradigmatic to Afrocentricity. His work was greatly controversial and throughout his career, Diop argued that there was a shared cultural continuity across African peoples that was more important than the varied development of different ethnic groups shown by differences among languages and cultures over time..